This site has been created for the reasons mentioned on the Home page. When I created the site, the cards’ owner asked me “How would people know whether this is a genuine site or a scam??” The answers of course are simple. Firstly and most obviously we are not using this site to sell anything, these cards are not for sale. This site has been created to display them and to hopefully extend the broader cartophilic knowledge of collectors on an incredibly rare series of sports cards. Secondly, it’s a question of my own reputation. Besides being well known in the football and to a far lesser extent cricket cartophilic world, with an extensive collection of football and cricket cards myself, I am probably best known for my two historical photo library websites, Vintage Footballers and Vintage Cricketers.

Vintage Footballers was started in 2014 and has been particularly well received by historians, families of the bygone players and club collectors alike. It currently has about 15,000 pages of images and biographies of the players, it is an ever expanding library. Vintage Cricketers was started in 2019 and the idea is to steadily build up the site, currently numbering about 2,000 pages of images, as a focus diversion for a couple of months a year. It has again received attention and I have been contacted by several historians such as the Association of Cricket Statisticians among others. As the published content grows in years following (the amount of content awaiting publication can only be described as mountainous!) so it will hopefully achieve similar prominence in the cricket world to what Vintage Footballers has certainly achieved in the football space, where it is really the only niche photo library offering similar content.

Obviously I'd be delighted to hear from anyone about the content on this site, and you'll see a contact form on the bottom of each page. Feel free to use it!

James Cotton

September 2021

Don Bradman Rookie Card

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